Friday, May 8, 2009

Mad, Mad Cleaning Frenzy & Some Potentially Great News

We just got some potentially great news:

If all goes well (fingers crossed) we have another offer coming through today!

We don't know very much just yet. Only that the people submitting the offer saw the house at some point, we're not sure when. They are a couple. One half loves our house (which I guess would be obvious considering they are submitting the offer) and the other half doesn't remember the house which is why they are coming to see it today.

In 3 and a half hours. To be sure.

Which means I have to clean. And fast.

To be honest, we've been pretty lax about keeping the house presentable since we haven't had showings for a couple of weeks. The house is a mess. Laundry to be folded, floors to be washed, windows to be cleaned, clutter to be wrangled, toilets to be scrubbed... I could go on but I'm losing precious seconds here.

I'm about to embark on a mad, mad cleaning frenzy.

Wish me luck!

A question for readers: What are your cleaning secrets and tips?


Kim Hooper said...

GOOD LUCK! I'm sure it'll look beautiful!

Love in the Time of Foreclosure said...

Thanks, Kim! We're still cleaning.... we did half yesterday and the rest we're doing this morning. We have 3 showings today!

Here's my one cleaning tip: music
It also helps to have a cleaning partner. Bob's been a monster cleaning machine!

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