Thursday, December 10, 2009

LITTOF on "Design Your Life"

This summer I discovered the wonderful blog Makeunder My Life - Designing a life with intention by Chicago jewelry designer, Jess Constable. You might remember my post about her Weekly Exfoliations where she passes on or repurposes at least one item a week from her life that she no longer needs, uses or loves. Her spirit inspired me right away. And I had the pleasure of meeting her at a gathering for Chicago bloggers called ChiBLOGo.

All of this is to say that when Jess asked me to do this week's Design Your Life post, I was thrilled! What is the Design Your Life series?

Design Your Life
Every Thursday guest bloggers from all walks of life share their intentions and tangible, actionable ways they design their life accordingly.

You can read my 'Design Your Life' post on Jess' blog here:
Design Your Life: Steph in the time of foreclosure

If you like it, leave a comment (I'd love to hear what you think of my intentions for life) or share it with a friend, please. Thank you!!

(Shopping tip for the holidays: If you're looking for jewelry for anyone on your list, be sure to check out Jess' jewelry line Jess LC. It's beautiful and really well-priced. Seriously, check it out.)


Ginnie said...

Steph, I'm leaving a comment here because I don't want to have to create an account with Chicago Now.
Re: your frozen pipes and the steps your friend advised you to go through: those steps are important for a house that is not properly sealed and insulated, so it's great advice, evidently, for the house you are in. However, for a possible resolution to some of those issues, please also check with your county's weatherization agency. All states have programs for low income people to help them "weatherize" their homes. Each state has different criteria and provides different assistance, but it's worth checking. Google "Washington State weatherization programs" to find a link to what they do and how to contact your county's agency. I work for an energy consultant in Illinois, which is how I know about these programs. For those new to the low income category, I'm not sure how you would ever find out about them!
Good luck to both of you.

Tien La said...

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