Monday, June 1, 2009

What to get your spouse on your sixth wedding anniversary?

Yesterday Bob and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary

We ate, drank, played chess, ran on the sand, napped on the beach, saw dolphins, talked about the future, reminisced about the past, laughed and simply enjoyed each other with no work, planning, packing, selling, stressing for an entire day. It was delightful.

Here's a fun fact. Did you know that IRON is the traditional 6 - year anniversary gift theme? Yep. Iron.

So instead of giving each other gifts this year (it just didn't seem appropriate considering our financial status) we made a short and somewhat uninspired list of iron-related gifts for fun.

-Iron-on patches for your jeans
-An iron
-A curling iron
-"Iron Man" DVD
-Fe (you know, for a charm bracelet. The elemental symbol for iron)
-A wrench
-Golf club
-Iron gym pull-up bar

And my favorite:

"Happy anniversary, honey. I got you some iron pills. For your anemia."

Other ideas? Post 'em here.


Kim Hooper said...

What about an iron lung? That would be an awesome gift.
Congrats on your anniversary :)

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