Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to Love in the Time of Foreclosure

Hi! My name is Stephanie Walker and I began this blog in January of 2009 while my husband and I were fighting to keep our house out of foreclosure and our marriage above the madness.

We succeeded at both. Hooray!

Our house sold in a short sale on June 30, 2009 and our marriage is better than ever. In fact, we're expecting our first child in July!

Where do we live now? Rent-free in a 1910 farmhouse on a remote and beautiful little island in Washington State.

How the heck did that happen?! Well, our entire journey is here. The ups the downs and everything in between. I invite you to start from the beginning. The first post "Drowning in debt, Losing our house, Happier than ever" can be read here.

Or you could check out some of the most popular posts:

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Or how about reading some of my favorite posts such as...

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For a time, the blog was located over at ChicagoNow. And there are lots of posts over there. That's where I blogged about our bankruptcy as well as the first three months in the house on the island.

If you want to know about our life on the island, you'll want to visit my NEW blog Two Years on an Island. I hope you'll take a gander.

And by the way, I love hearing from readers! I began this blog hoping to connect with others going through the same thing. If that's you, I especially would love to hear from you.

You can e-mail me at: loveinthetimeofforeclosure at

Thank you so much for visiting!


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