Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guest post on Zillow - 5 things to do if you're facing foreclosure

I'd like to send you over to today to read the post I wrote for them as a guest blogger--

5 Things to Do If You're Facing Foreclosure...

Screen Shot of my guest post over on
Thanks for heading on over there to give it a read.

As always, I hope you'll comment and share it if you like what you read!



P.S. Bob didn't get his wish of selling 25,000 copies of my book for his birthday. But he did have a wonderful birthday. And the book is doing quite well on Amazon today! As of 2:29 today, Love in the Time of Foreclosure is #12 in the Kindle store for Kindle books in the Real Estate category. And it's #89 in books in the Real Estate category. That's in ALL books. Not just eBooks! Check it out:

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