Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Relocation update

Bob and Pablo eating healthy on the road.
Bob is driving our 1995 Volvo Wagon to L.A.

Pablo is his co-pilot.

By far the most asked question is:

"Is the Volvo going to make it?" 

Yes. YES! It HAS to make it. So it will.

Day 1 Bob and Pablo drove first to Humboldt, Iowa to visit family and then on to Des Moines to spend the night at his sister and niece's.

Day 2 they drove from DesMoines to Dallas to visit family. Long day of driving capped off with a lovely family visit.

Day 3 was Dallas to Roswell. Why? Because he has always wanted to see Roswell. He confessed to me that for two hours during that drive he was in the middle of the desert without cell phone reception. In a 1995 Volvo wagon. He promises never to drive a remote two-lane road without cell phone reception ever again.

Day 4 is today. He's making the long haul to Los Angeles. Send good thoughts his direction.

Malcolm and I are camped out with family in the burbs. Enjoying every second.

AT the moment I am sitting in a coffee shop scouring the web for places to live while my sister babysits Malcolm.

Speaking of places to live. We could really use one. ASAP. We arrive on Friday and need a short term furnished rental while we apartment hunt for something more permanent.

Anyone in L.A. looking for a house sitter?

Seriously, if you have any leads on any pet-friendly vacation rentals near Century City in Los Angeles please please please send them my way at: loveinthetimeofforeclosure at gmail dot com

Thank you thank you thank you!

Now back to the search.


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