Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Opposite of LOVE in the Time of Foreclosure

1. VANDALISM in the Time of Foreclosure

ONCE UPON A TIME there were 3 red-haired pigs and a big bad crazy homeowner who wanted to huff and puff and blow his house down because he was losing it to foreclosure and was very angry. So he huffed and he puffed and he locked the pigs in the house and let them wreak havoc.

The pigs were left without food or water for a week before the neighbors realized what was happening and called authorities. Luckily they survived, but they were dehydrated and I'm sure very, very scared. The house? Trashed. Which was the point. Apparently.

Man Uses Pigs to Trash Own House After Foreclosure -


Why destroy your house? Why do people do this? To express their anger and rage? I suppose. But it's so incredibly irrational. And as irrational and unproductive as it is, it happens a lot. So much, in fact, that last year banks were paying homeowners in Las Vegas to vacate without destroying the house. To deter, as stated in the Wall Street Journal article, "Home Rage":

Buyers' Revenge: Trash the House After Foreclosure -

2. BOMB in the Time of Foreclosure

Yesterday a man in Riverside, CA was arrested for sending a message to the bank that repossessed his home in the form of fake pipe bombs.


Riverside Man Allegedly Booby Traps Foreclosed Home - L.A. Now Blog

3. FRAUD in the Time of Foreclosure

(photo: Jerry McElroy/iStock)

This is a trend, in fact. There are enough people doing this to constitute a trend. Seriously. People actually think they can burn the house down, get the insurance money and get away with it. At least they're desperate enough to try.

Like this woman in Indiana who last year tried to pay her neighbor to help her burn down the house and make it look like a botched rape: CNN
Snyder allegedly offered to pay a neighbor $5,000 to help her burn down her house and make it look like a botched rape attempt - all in order to claim $80,000 in insurance money. Snyder wanted the neighbor to bind her hands in duct tape, write "whore" on her shirt, and then help her escape once the blaze was set, the prosecutor says. The neighbor demurred, instead reporting Snyder to police.

There is another option. What is it? Yes, Love.
Love conquers all, don't you know? Even foreclosure.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Poor little piggies.

Crazy times....

Love in the Time of Foreclosure said...

Right?! Poor piglets. So senseless.

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