Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Irreplaceable Big Boy

Can I get a drum roll please?

ANNOUNCING the winner of the BIG BOY Replacement Contest

after a very brief and TRUNCATED search

the winner is...

...well, the winner is Big Boy. Big Boy has been replaced by Big Boy. That's right. We changed the rules. There was no voting like we promised. 4 contestants? Nope. We chucked that too. (Remember when "to chuck" was a popular verb? I do. Anyway...)

So what's the deal?

Well, it turns out that Big Boy is simply irreplaceable. There's just something about this little plastic piggy bank that we love and simply can't shake.

After selling him at our sale, I sought a replacement as a way to lighten the loss of our mascot. And though I love LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD'S HEAD, she just didn't suffice. Too impractical. I sought out other contestants and never found any that truly called to us. Though, one did come close. It was submitted by our friends Jeanette and Warren. And unfortunately I don't have a picture because it's packed away in a box en route to Illinois. But that little gnome wins runner-up, Warren & Jeanette. So, thank you!

Beyond that, we were stymied. And sort of lost interest in the very contest we created.

Imagine our surprise when we arrived in Barrington to find a small box shipped via Priority Mail containing none other than Big Boy. Not our Big Boy. But a Big Boy nonetheless. It was such a surprise that it brought a tear to my eye. I was so moved by the thoughtfulness of our friends- Brian and Jami- who went on eBay after our Estate Sale to find a proper replacement.

Can you tell the difference?



We loved him.

We set him free.

He came back to us with a new stance, smirk and attitude.

Thanks, Brian & Jami!

-A History of Big Boy - Wikipedia

My mom ate at Elias Brothers Big Boy in Detroit as a kid... which is where I first went to Big Boy and acquired my original Big Boy piggy bank.

This was Mom's favorite Elias Brothers Big Boy meal as a 12-year old:

Slim Jim (TM) sandwich (Lean ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and special sauce, grilled on a Grecian roll.)
-Onion Rings
-Strawberry Pie for dessert

What about you? Do any of you have any Big Boy memories?


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I remember going to Bob's BB with my grandparents in the 60's. The dividers of the booths were resin with sea creatures embeded in them. My favorite thing was the chocolate ice cream served in a frozen metal cup. It was a real treat to go there!

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