Monday, January 31, 2011

The night before the big storm

Pretty much the only thing on our minds here in Chicago tonight is snow. Snow. Snow. Apparently we're about to be hit by a storm that rivals the blizzard of 1967. People are stocking up and hunkering down. I'm hoping for a snow day on Wednesday so that we can all be home together.

My theory about winter is if you have to endure the cold, there may as well be lots of pretty snow. I love snow. Because to me snow always suggests play. Yes, I know it also suggests hassle. And possibly disaster. But I'm thinking like a kid here. And all I can see is snowball fights, snow men, snow angels, pretty snowflakes and people coming together.

So here's hoping for a lovely snowfall full of play and wonder and hassle and disaster-free.

Now, on a completely separate note. I was recently interviewed by my friend and fellow playwright Sara Israel for the Blog at Boston Court as the first in a series called "From the desk of" where Sara takes a look at writers' writing spaces.

We talk about my physical writing space as well as a bit of my process and the new play I'm working on. There are a few pictures too. I love the one of my writing space where you can see both Malcolm and Pablo. Check it out here.

Okay, Malcolm's crying. Gotta run!


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