Monday, March 7, 2011

Yogi by night

This is my yoga space.

It becomes my yoga space when I roll out my mat. Before that it's our family room. Throw a blanket down and it becomes Malcolm's play area.

But that mat transforms it into my yoga time.

And so far, that has happened exclusively at night. Not until at least 9PM. There have been a few nights where I don't begin until 11:50 PM.

I'm checking in on my promise to do yoga once a day for at least ten minutes every single day in March.

So here's the update. My daily practice has ranged from fifteen minutes on the low end to sixty minutes on the high end. Well... the low end was actually March 4th when I attempted to do my practice with Malcolm. I don't really count that, though.

Things I've learned in 7 days of my yoga journey:

1. Yogis Anonymous is a God send! Two of my friends recommended it to me because they have FREE online classes. And one of my friend's wife is a teacher there. Her name is Aria Mayland and I highly recommend her classes! Check out Yogis Anonymous!

2. A little yoga goes a long way. The days that I only get fifteen minutes in, I still feel the difference. I always begin with breathing to center myself. That alone is worth the trouble.

3. I can feel years of neglect in my muscles. The other night I was doing a cross-legged forward bend and was overwhelmed by how tight my hips are. I used to be so flexible. Especially when I was a dancer. Here's what I realized. The reason I never commit and stick to a daily routine is because I've been unwilling to confront all the years of not being on a daily routine and what that neglect has done to my body. Does this make sense? It's like allowing the laundry to pile up. The more laundry that piles up, the harder it is to confront it.

So that's where I am right now. I'm still hoping to get in a full ninety minute Yogis Anonymous class. Perhaps on the weekend. I'm looking forward to that.

How's this yoga-once-a-day challenge going for you? Anyone out there following along at home?

Oh- one more thing... I've been doing Itsy Bitsy Yoga with Malcolm... hoping to give him the gift of yoga. He seems to like it.


Baby By The Sea said...

I love fitting yoga into my life, but it's hard to be consistent. Good for you & thanks so much for these great links. The girls have been doing it in the morning and, let me tell you - there isn't much of a sweeter sight than sisters in sun salutation before 8 am.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving Aria a shout out, Steph! :)


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