Monday, April 4, 2011

The new logo: red and turquoise love

Why, yes. I did get a makeover. Thank you for noticing. I just felt it was time. My old look began to feel, well, old. And kind of drab. Unpolished. In need of professional assistance. 

how it went down...

I'm reading a new post on Baby By the Sea and am blown away by the blog's new look. I'm immediately struck by blog envy. Check out that logo. I love it. It's fab. Fabuloso. I want a new logo. I want my blog to look that amazing.

So I ask Baby By the Sea’s Jennifer Furber who created her inspiring new logo. The response comes of no surprise. Sara Jensen. Sara Jensen of Friday Harbor. Sara Jensen of Lost Bird FoundOf course Sara is behind Baby By the Sea’s fabuloso new look. 

the back story
Sara and I met last year via Twitter. Out of the blue I received a tweet that went something like this: 
"I think we live on the same island."

And she was right. We did. We began a Twitter friendship. I followed her. She followed me. You know how it goes. But it took us forever to meet for real... which you wouldn't think would be so hard living on a small island with not even one stop light. 

We were both surprised we hadn't crossed paths in real life. Only on Twitter. Until the day I walked into her office and introduced myself. I was 35 weeks pregnant at the time.

We didn't really hang until after Malcolm was born and we went to her husband Thor's birthday party on South Beach. We ate delicious Korean BBQ short ribs (one of my favorite dishes) and hung out on the wind-whipped, beautiful stretch of driftwood blanketed beach that is South Beach on San Juan Island. 

Malcolm happened to be only 13 days old. He spent the entire party sleeping in the Moby wrapped tightly to my body while we whale watched and hung out with other Islander parents of young children. The kids were climbing all over the driftwood like little monkeys and building driftwood forts. I honestly don’t remember much of what was said at that party. I was a little sleep deprived at the time. But… I remember thinking: Sara Jensen is way cool. I’m glad we met.
We had only just begun to know each other when Bob and I broke the news that we were leaving the island. Returning to Chicago. The island is small, but it’s full of amazing people. Sara is one of them. So hiring her to create a new look for LITTOF was really a no-brainer.

And I LOVE what she did. The blog looks much happier to me now. 

It was Sara’s idea to use the logo to tell a story. And I think it's brilliant. It actually tells our story. 

Here it is in a grey and red version:

We’ll be making a few more tweaks to the blog to make it look even better. Spiffy-ing things up.

Well? What do you think of LITOF's new look?


Chi-town Southerner said...


Jessica said...

very nice!

Baby By The Sea said...

Ahhhhh. Thanks for the blog love. Man, that Sara is something. She creates the perfect image with all the character of the person/business. Love the magic she creates.

Your new look is rad. I love it.

Unknown said...

The new logo in red is better than the past one.
corporate logo design

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