Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inspired by DANCE and Anne Marsen!

I love dance. I love to dance. I love the joy it inspires in a moment. I love letting go of my inhibitions and just moving my body. I love letting music infect me and make me believe in movement. I love allowing myself to be silly. To dance well. To dance adorkably. To just dance.

And I love to watch other people dance. Especially EXCITING dancers.

What makes a dancer exciting? Talent, yes. But that's not it alone. It's the love. The joy. Is it tangible? Can you feel it? Does watching them make you fall in love? With dance? With life in general? THAT'S an exciting dancer.

Anne Marsen is one of those dancers. I discovered her by accident. A happy accident.  Anne is an improvisational dancer. And an internet sensation. For good reason. You'll see. As a child she studied at the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center. And now she's unabashedly freestyling all over the world, including Mumbai and the Staten Island Ferry.

Dancing on the Staten Island Ferry
What made Anne an internet sensation was a collaboration with friends. A long form music dance video called Girl Walk // All Day. The trailer for the video was shot on the Staten Island Ferry and got some MAJOR hype.

From the Girl Walk// All Day website:

Girl Walk // All Day is a feature length dance music video and tale of urban exploration that follows three dancers across New York City. They turn the city's sidewalks, parks and architecture into an evolving stage as they spread their joy of movement.

I completely missed all the hype about this video.

I missed the video being posted on The Gothamist.

I missed the story on The Huffington Post.

I missed the story in the New York Times Magazine.

Instead, I stumbled on it by complete accident. I was searching "inspiration" on Twitter when I came across a Tweet from ModCloth about Got a Girl Crush magazine who did a feature on Anne.

So that's how I found this nugget of joy:

Girl Walk // All Day from jacob krupnick on Vimeo.

Right? RIGHT?! I mean, now you want to see more, yes? I know. I know!

The full-length feature is going to be released chapter by chapter on The Gothamist in November. I can't wait to see it. In the meantime, check out the official trailer on the Girl Walk // All Day site and Anne's wonderfully whimsical, inspiring and infectious dance videos on her Vimeo page.

Get. Sucked. In.

Want to know more about Anne? Well, you can check out the above link to the New York Times Magazine feature about her and the feature in Got a Girl Crush Magazine.

You can also learn more about her high school days from a story from that gives some insight. (By the way, she graduated high school in 2007. I'm not so good at math, but that makes her, what? Twelve?):

Teneack High School graduate Anne Marsen becomes and overnight internet sensation -

Now bust a move already!


Anonymous said...

LOVE it. That one slipped by me, too! Perhaps she was inspired by the Swedish group Pluxus' video for Kinoton:

Dance IS amazing. I agree with you that it can be so inspiring. It reminds us that we own our bodies and that we have the power to do something great. It's ever evolving, too. I wonder if in the 1920's people were as amazed at the Charleston as people are today with Dub Step? What's next? Just like music, the possibilities are endless.

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