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My name is Stephanie Alison Walker. I'm 36 years old and I've been blogging since 2009.

I was born Stephanie Alison Weinert. Weinert is a German name. Means "Winemaker", apparently. Or so I've been told. I'm married to my best friend and adventure partner, Bob Walker.

As a little girl I always dreamed that I would marry up the alphabet. I hated always being last as a 'W'. I did marry up. From W-E to W-A.

But none of this is really relevant.

Here's what is:

I'm an optimist by nature. Or nurture. Probably both. Point is, I'm optimistic. I'm also a writer. And a sharer. I tend to write openly about my life. It helps me sort things out. I'm not just a blogger. I'm also a playwright. How I process life is by writing-- be it an entry in my journal, a blog post or a play. Writing has always helped me with perspective.

So it's only natural that when Bob and I were facing foreclosure and financial ruin, I started this blog. As I wrote in my first post:

We are starting this blog because we have come to realize that we're an anomaly. Or at least a minority. According to my mom who is right about most things, the percentage of people who do nothing when confronted with losing their homes is 70%. Now, I will find back up on that, but 70%. That's pretty high. So we're in the minority because we are actually talking to the banks, have our house on the market, reorganizing debt and making a plan to pay it off. That's a start and this blog will be all about that so I won't go into it here. But I do want to make the assumption that we're probably in even a smaller minority because in addition to confronting our debt and taking responsibility, we are also doing it with grace and power. We're not victims, we're not depressed, we're not angry, forlorn, devastated, etc. We are actually happy.

A Diaolgue for Positivity

At the time that I began Love in the Time of Foreclosure, there was nothing out there on the internets that spoke directly to our situation. At least nothing that I could find.

I was desperate for camaraderie. I needed information about what to do... at least what not to do. I was hoping to find first-person accounts of what it's like to go through a short sale or foreclosure (if it came to that.) And I wanted to engage in a dialogue about how to turn such a challenging financial circumstance into a life-changing positive experience. And because I found nothing out there, I decided to begin the dialogue myself.

I did not expect the response that followed. I really only thought my family would read the blog in order to keep up on our situation. The support we received through the blog has been overwhelming.

Though we are no longer in foreclosure, Love in the Time of Foreclosure still lives on.

My Hope

I hope that this blog helps people who are facing foreclosure or the prospect of losing everything today.

I hope that it gives a healthy perspective.

I hope that it serves as a light in a dark place.

I thank everyone who has visited, commented, e-mailed me and shared LITTOF.

I love hearing from readers.

You can write to me here:

Please do!




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