Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Announcing the BIG BOY replacement contest!

You've all met Big Boy.

He was with us a while. He's been sort of our little mascot over the years. A traveling gnome in suspenders with, as Nina (a Littof reader) noted, Rod Blagoevich hair.

But I sold him at our sale. For $5.

He now belongs to these nice people:

Who wrote us this e-mail:

Hi steph,
Loved reading your most recent post. We’re big boy’s new family and are honored to have him join us. We will have to send a picture of him in his new place (looking happy, I hope). He is currently in transit, actually, from Corralitas Drive over to Echo Park.
Don’t worry, you can certainly post the picture any time you’d like. I would love to hear big boy stories posted some day as well.

Thanks for letting us into your home and allowing us to enjoy your well-loved pieces. Glad it was a fun sale- we were amazed at your organization and all the friends just enjoying the day together. Thanks for sharing your story in your blog –so inspiring and beautiful!

Thanks to Debbi's e-mail, we now feel good about Big Boy's new home and are already on a quest to replace him.

Here's how this will go. We will introduce 4 contestants here on the blog starting today. Once all 4 contestants have been introduced, we will ask Littof readers to vote. The contestant with the most votes wins.

So, without further ado, we introduce CONTESTANT #1

Little Red Riding Hood's head:

BIO: She once was the top to a collectible Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar that belonged to my grandma. Grandma eventually gave the cookie jar to Mom who had always wanted it for her collection. Yes, Mom had quite an impressive cookie jar collection. The Little Red Riding Hood jar became the crown jewel. And Mom enjoyed it for a while. Then in an effort to downsize and declutter, she sold her collection... all but Little Red Riding Hood. After Grandma passed away, Mom sent me Little Red Riding Hood. But sadly the only part that survived that journey through the mail was her head. So I saved it. And displayed it.

PROS: She's very pretty. Colorful. Makes me think of my grandma (just like Big Boy did.)

CONS: She's fragile. Pointy. Not so easy to just shove in a duffel.

Comments? Feedback? Thoughts? Suggestions? Please....


Cece said...


Beautiful, Pointy, Fragile, Nostalgia-inducing - and as with most children's stories - the version we know today lacks the oomph of the original tale...

I say no!

Ah, but she's so pretty...

Unknown said...

I'd like to do a write in candidate. Steph and Bob, I think you need a little Angel to guide you on your new adventures and to watch over you in your travels.

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