Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moving is... the top of my least favorite things list. Above the dentist. That's not saying much though. I don't really mind the dentist. So it's worse than... it's just... it really just SUCKS!

We've all done it. We've all said it. Never again. Because it really does. Moving just sucks!

We really thought that selling everything would make this move a snap. And it has made it easier. Definitely. Without a doubt. But. All this stuff that's left. Ugh.

Last night Bob said, "We're getting what it is to have a lot of shit."


Uh, well... I don't really have much more to say than that. Oh, the picture shows what I have to sort through today. Our clothes. How to pack them. What to bring, store, etc. Yes, we're still doing this.

I have someone coming (a volunteer) in an hour to pick up donations for Corazon de Vida. We're donating some tools, towels and sheets. I'm glad they can use them.

A Littof reader is buying the dishes! Yes, she wrote in after my post about them and asked if we'd be willing to sell them. She described herself as in the opposite situation as us as she's trying to buy a house for the first time so that she can have a place to retire. I'm happy she wants our dishes.

So as not to further procrastinate, I am bringing this post to a close. That's all for today.

From Silver Lake (where we're getting what it is to have a lot of shit,)

-Bob & Steph

What have you done to make the moving part of moving easier?

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Anonymous said...

To make moving easier I have thrown away all those things I've kept for no reason other than "maybe I'll need this again." I don't need it again. Why would I need 50 back issues of a magazine? Why would I need a box of old papers or clothes I haven't touched in 2 years. Toss it. Toss it all. That's what you're doing obviously. You guys are obviously seeing what you truly need to move on. And other than eachother, Pablo and a few essentials, the rest can just go away.

Kim Hooper said...

Moving DOES suck. Taking stock of all one's shit DOES suck. It's like it makes it all too apparent that you're "in limbo." How's Pablito with the chaos?

Christine said...

When I last moved across the country, my partner and I put a box outside the house marked "Free", and kept feeding the box. We started off putting in tiny things, but as we got closer to the moving date we started putting in more and more things. It was so satisfying to see it disappear! Usually stuff would be gone within 20 minutes, picked up by neighbours, kids walking by, homeless folks, you name it. It gives you a place for all these little things you don't know what to do with, and helps clear the decks. We probably saw the box filled and emptied 10 to 15 times.

Now, six months after our move, I'm hard pressed to remember much of what went in there. Once it's gone, you won't miss it.

Love in the Time of Foreclosure said...

Christine- that's a great story! I love that you refilled it 10- 15 times. We put a box out, but forgot to write FREE on it (I'm not kidding) so no one took anything. We'll try again today, but actually write FREE.

Maybe I'll also post something on Craigslist.


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