Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bob, Pablo and a Change of Underwear

It's midnight before our big estate sale and we are still working. Bob is sniffling and coughing (feeling miserable) and I just realized I forgot to eat dinner and am suddenly starving (and crabby.) We're both tired. Which seems to go without saying.

Earlier tonight we noticed that our neighbor down the hill was also preparing for a sale in his garage. Because his house is down the hill from ours, we have to make sure to get people to keep driving up to our sale. Our friend made signs that say: THIS WAY TO THE ESTATE SALE (with an arrow) and ALMOST THERE!

Who knew that it would take so much time to plan to sell everything? I had no idea. And I really have no idea how we ended up with so much stuff. This really makes me never want to buy anything ever again. Ever!

I just cannot wait for it all to be gone. To be free of it. I'm so ready to simplify.

Bob's motto is now "Get rid of it." Every time I ask him, "Think we should keep this because we might want to use it later?" He responds (without even looking at whatever item I'm asking about,) "Get rid of it."

This process is long and arduous, but necessary. It's really having me get... really get... how much stuff we have that we absolutely don't need. All of it really. Except for, as I wrote before, Bob, Pablo (our Pug) and a change of underwear.

By the way, meet Pablo the Pug:

No, he's not for sale!


David said...

Readers are anxiously awaiting news of how the sale went... and how you are doing!

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