Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Sale

We are totally blown away by the interest we've gotten for our sale and I'm just posting very quickly to say:

If you have e-mailed us about any specific items for sale and haven't heard back from us, please understand. We're totally overwhelmed! We've received so many e-mails and really need to organize everything for the sale. So we hope you will come by this weekend if you can. I will try to follow up with everyone's interest on Monday... you know, in case we have anything left to sell that you might want. But do try to come this weekend. Thanks!

We also wanted to say this:

Thank you, Littof readers for your concern about us. When I wrote yesterday that we were planning to leave early because we didn't want to "camp out" in our house, several of you either commented or wrote in to express concern. You are worried that we are leaving the house empty for a week and announcing it to the world. Yes, in hindsight that was silly of me write that without explaining that, in fact, the house will not be empty. No, no, no. We have lovely friends who have taken care of our house over the last couple of years while we're away and they will be house sitting for us with their dog. Thank you guys for taking care of the house! Also, thank you to our neighbors for keeping an eye on it as well. We love our friends. We love our neighbors. We'll miss you!

Back to organizing, pricing, tagging...


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