Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are we there yet?

How about now?

Are we almost there?

Today is Wednesday and we are T-I-R-E-D! Bob is working crazy hours on his project while I manage selling every item we own (with the exception of a few pairs of underwear, of course.) Actually, we're keeping the clothes that we wear regularly. The rest? Gone. You know how that is, right? We all have stuff in our closet that we haven't worn for months, or that doesn't fit and hasn't for perhaps years but we're hoping we'll get back into that size one day... we're getting rid of those clothes.

My goal this morning was to fit the entirety of my wardrobe into one large duffel bag. This was optimistic. The problem? Shoes. Sweaters. Bulky items. I'm definitely shedding a lot, though. It's daunting, I won't lie. In moments it's exciting. Others, I just want to be done. Like now.

I just want to curl up in front of the TV and watch movies and sleep. I want to check out. So badly. But... there's this estate sale and a few people have heard about it. Just a few. Hundred. Thousand, perhaps? I don't know. What is the readership of Apartment Therapy and Curbed LA? Because both sites have blogged about our sale! And I was worried about getting the word out. So, we are not there yet. Must keep going.

We're so busy that the only time we have to talk is either late at night or when we're walking the dog. Those walks make a big difference. They center us. Calm us down. Get us breathing. Connecting. So yesterday on one of our walks we got talking about our departure plan and ended up changing it YET AGAIN! This is a good thing, though. This is a better plan. See, it occurred to me that road-tripping and working at the same time (as we would both have to be doing) would be a tad stressful. So rather than rushing out of L.A. early, we are going to stay here until the day we have to hand over the keys. The benefit in doing this: more time to tie up loose ends, more time to say goodbye to friends, staying put gives us the focus we both need in our work right now. It just makes sense.

When we do depart, we'll be taking I15 to I70 to I80 to Bob's hometown in Iowa where we will celebrate the 4th of July and his very young and vital grandma's birthday. After that, we will continue to Illinois to my hometown to the comfort of the Midwest. I'm looking forward to the drive through Colorado. We'll get to see friends in Denver. Breathe mountain air. Wave to Vail where I spent many weekends skiing in college. Colorado. I've missed it.

Have any of you done that drive before? We've only gone the 'southern' route. We'd love suggestions on good stopping points along the way. We need to do the drive relatively quickly, but don't want to miss anything along the way. So please leave comments with suggestions! Thank you.

Silver Lake Foreclosure Couple Leaving LA, Selling Everything - Curbed LA
(sounds so dramatic, doesn't it?)


Kim Hooper said...

That's so cool that there's been publicity about the estate sale! I hope you get a TON of people. I'm sure you have some awesome things to sell.

I imagine it's very hard to sort through things, but liberating too. What really is THAT important in a life? It's all pretty replaceable. One of my good friends lost EVERYTHING in one of the fires a few years back...and she said she realized very soon after how little most things matter. I'm excited for you guys to really start again. Good plan on staying to tie up loose ends. Please let me know your schedule (I'm sure it's hectic) and maybe I can come up there to say goodbye :( Be sure to take tons of pictures on your road trip and post them here :)

Love in the Time of Foreclosure said...

Thanks, Kim! I've thought about people losing things in a fire since there have been so many fires since we've lived here. I'm sorry your friends lost everything... and it's interesting to hear what they learned from it.

I'd love to see you too!

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